We provide seven areas of experience and expertise, all of which can be related to each other

Operational Performance

  • Assisting the implementation of lean and throughput concepts to drive on-time delivery concurrently with balancing inventory, thereby maximising cash.

  • Helping to optimise factory manufacturing footprint.

  • Assisting the shaping and execution of emerging market manufacturing strategies.

  • Creating a zero defect/RFT environment.

  • Assisting with the delivery of perfect performance to customers.

  • Identifying through benchmarking what best practice and the factory of the future would look like for our clients.

Operational Performance Case Studies

The Jigsaw Complete

Up until the beginning of 2018, whilst ETL had a very strong background in the aerospace industry at a most senior level, we did not have as a Board colleague an appropriate engineer from that industry who had led a manufacturing company.  Now we have - Tim Hayter.