Not ready – Yet!

Not ready – Yet!

Following a networking conversation during early 2016 between Michael Smith and the managing director of a small but far-sighted research, development and small-scale manufacturing components company for both aspects of the aerospace industry, ETL  met with the company to discuss the next stage in its development.  The business was the product of an earlier MBO from a much larger previous owner and, over the succeeding years, had continued a most promising line of research and product development in respect of weight saving materials.  To do so the company had gained considerable funding grants from international bodies and major corporations. 

As a result, the Management team now felt that the development of their current and potential products had reached the point where it would be possible to move the business model from mainly research & development based to one of an increasingly commercial nature.  ETL  was asked to assess this situation and advise.

Over the following months Management produced a series of increasingly refined business plans for the company’s next five years, plans that were then critiqued by ETL  – especially Adrian Jones and Jason Crabtree - with a view not just to creating a programme of internal action on the one hand, and investor appeal on the other, but also to test the readiness of the company to make the step-change from R&D to commercial operation.

In doing so it became clear to the company and ETL  that substantial additional financial investment would be required, in terms relative to the size of the company, and further product development would be necessary, before that step-change could be made.  However, the potential outcomes if these actions are undertaken successfully are seen as game-changing, both for the company and the market.  

Consequently, whilst the business is not ready – yet – to make the move to full commercial operations, ETL stays in touch to act as a sounding board throughout 2017, and then fully assist when the time is deemed to be right by company and consultancy.

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Towards an Asian Horizon

In line with ETL’s ‘Search, Advise & Build’ capability as described in an earlier case study under Mergers & Acquisitions, ETL is now in detailed discussions with a High Net Worth Individual who wishes to invest in a UK or US based aerospace 

The Next Step Forwards

In 2017 ETL was engaged by the owner and Chief Executive of a highly successful start-up company that had commenced business four years previously on a green-field site with initial private funding.

Not ready – Yet!

Following a networking conversation during early 2016 between Michael Smith and the managing director of a small but far-sighted research development and small-scale manufacturing components company

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