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In the boardroom and on the shop floor...

Discrete advice, experience and expertise to lead, support or provide a safety net.

The ETL client portfolio is, by design, limited to a small number of long-term clients.  In doing so we maximise the amount of time available for client care, their specific issues, and the continuous development of our client knowledge. Our raison d’être is to provide discrete advice, experience and expertise to lead, support or provide a safety net, sometimes a combination of all three, to our clients.

We operate two, complementary, bespoke business models, both borrowing from the other when required, and both underpinned, as necessary, by professional coaching & mentoring: Consultancy’ and 'Experience-for-Equity’. These are often combined together in an approach we callNED4’.

The principal difference between the two is that the former involves a financial fee payment, however established and structured, whilst the latter involves ETL providing experience & expertise in exchange for a percentage of equity in the client company.  As with our approach to all assignments, ETL's remuneration is based upon a completely bespoke package for the client in question, including success-led criteria.

Assignments for existing clients commence with an in-depth discussion with the Board or Executive Team as required; assignments for new clients commence with a detailed appraisal of the business which is then followed by that discussion.  This approach ensures that both parties fully appreciate and agree what is required and why, the manner in which ETL will be of assistance, and how the results will be assessed.  We do not just assist clients to solve problems or deal with situations, we also ensure that these results are sustainable and belong to the client.

Each assignment, which is designed exclusively for the client concerned, is fully flexible to take account of changing client requirements, or subsequent/associated projects. It is conducted in small focused teams, or on a one-to-one basis, as required by the needs of the client.  All outputs are the property of the client.

How we work