We provide seven areas of experience and expertise, all of which can be related to each other


  • Creating valuable introductions and connections.

  • Assisting successful internationalisation.

  • Undertaking discrete competitor analysis.

  • Facilitating the creation of a winning growth strategy.

  • Setting the correct pricing levels thereby increasing market share and profitability.

  • Increasing brand recognition across chosen markets.

  • Helping identify competitive advantage.

  • Identifying the optimal channels to market for products and services.

Other Services

Growth Case Studies

Towards an Asian Horizon

In line with ETL’s ‘Search, Advise & Build’ capability as described in an earlier case study under Mergers & Acquisitions, ETL is now in detailed discussions with a High Net Worth Individual who wishes to invest in a UK or US based aerospace 

The Next Step Forwards

In 2017 ETL was engaged by the owner and Chief Executive of a highly successful start-up company that had commenced business four years previously on a green-field site with initial private funding.

Not ready – Yet!

Following a networking conversation during early 2016 between Michael Smith and the managing director of a small but far-sighted research development and small-scale manufacturing components company