We provide seven areas of experience and expertise, all of which can be related to each other


  • Participating or leading at Board level.

  • Acting as non-executive independent directors.

  • Ensuring sound corporate governance.

  • Helping recognise risk, and developing appropriate mitigation strategies.

  • Helping to align all stakeholders’ interests.

  • Conducting discrete projects, and assessing Board and Executive Team effectiveness.

  • Helping resolve conflict or dispute.

  • Acting as your business ‘conscience’ so ensuring the momentum required to achieve your objectives and eventual goals is maintained.

Other Services

Board Case Studies

A ‘Plug & Play’ Advisory Team

A frequent way in which we, at ETL, assist our clients is the provision of an advisory sounding board for the Chief Executive and his Top Executive Team.  An example of this service, combined in this instance with senior executive coaching

Interim Chairman & Financial Mentoring

In 2017 a long-established engineering-based consultancy engaged ETL to act as their interim Non-Executive Chairman and, with financial advice, lead them towards a successful sale in circa three years’ time.

A Supplementary Board

In 2018, on the back of a long-term, high value contract gained by the client, ETL has been engaged by the owners of a UK-based engineering company to assist with the consequent development and support of a three-year strategy

An Exit Strategy for some, and Continuation for Others

Earlier this year ETL was engaged to assist the CEO and his immediate team prepare for their departure from a very well established, highly successful, and privately funded aerospace company