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Working with you

to maximise value...

Sale Preparation & Exit Management

• Are you thinking of selling your business within the next 3 years?

• Are you completely confident that alone you can get the price that you 

  think is right and fair? 
• Do you know what potential buyers are looking at and looking for? 
• Are you able to take a detached view of issues within your organisation

  that are impacting on performance and therefore the valuation?     
• Do you feel a little trepidation about how to initiate and manage a

  successful sale process?  
• Are you sure you will get the timing right given the many uncertainties? 

The ETL Team will support and advise you using our “buyers eyes”. 

As a team we have been deeply involved in over 60 sale & purchase transactions throughout our senior executive careers, many of which have been cross-border transactions.  

Our comprehensive hands-on support package can extend beyond the Board Room into finance, operations, human resources, manufacturing, business development, marketing, media and public relations, engineering and supply chain management. 

We are a small focused team that has, over four decades, developed an extensive list of contacts across the World. 

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ETL Directors have dealt personally with the kinds of demanding situations and decision-making faced by our clients.  They have current and extensive experience of leading and developing businesses in both executive and non-executive capacities, and operate individually or teamed together to assist in any fashion required by the client.  

The ETL client portfolio is deliberately limited to a discrete number of long-term clients. By doing so we maximise the amount of time available for client care, and the achievement of the client’s aims and Vision.

Recent News

Project AA810 The Story Continues ……

In August 2018 we advised that ETL had become a founding sponsor of a project to return an extremely rare Spitfire with an amazing provenance - including The Great Escape - to flight, and in November of that year the project team released the story of Sandy Gunn and Spitfire AA810 to the world when, in a matter of weeks...

Project AA810

Earlier this year we advised that ETL was honoured to be a founding sponsor of a project to return an extremely rare Spitfire, with a remarkable provenance, to flight.  ETL’s Chief Executive, Dr Michael Smith, has now joined the Restoration Team, along with Sir Michael Arthur, President of Boeing Europe, who has very kindly agreed to be the....

An Extremely Rare Spitfire with an Incredible History

The picture above is the sculpture of one of the most famous members of this Country’s aviation giants: R J Mitchell, the designer of the Supermarine Spitfire.  Mitchell, who succumbed to cancer, did not live to see his Country threatened with invasion in 1940, but the aeroplane he designed, in tandem...

Royal Air Force 100

To celebrate the Centenary of the Royal Air Force this year, on 19 April 2018, the very month of the Centenary, ETL’s Chief Executive, Dr Michael Smith, as the Master of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers in the City of London, hosted a Livery Dinner in the Skinners’ Hall sponsored by ETL.  The evening was sold out...

Project AA810 Cuts Metal

ETL is delighted to announce that on 4 March ‘first metal was cut’ for project AA810 and that work on the tail section of the aircraft is now proceeding apace. Such progress should enable the complete tail section to be on display when the integral ‘Sandy Gunn Aviation Careers Programme’ is launched at Shuttleworth on 27 September.  The restoration of AA810...

Exercising a City Freeman’s Ancient Right on behalf of Charity

As part of a charitable fund-raising event, and led by Alan Titchmarsh and the Lord Mayor, ETL’s Chief Executive, Dr Michael Smith in his capacity as a Freeman of the City of London, on Sunday, 30 September 2018, exercised his ancient right to drive sheep across London Bridge.  The City of London, in cash and kind...

Our Third Anniversary &

A Further Director

At the end of 2017, ETL was three years old.  During those years, with no small measure of assistance from Adrian Jones and Jason Crabtree, we have moved from a ‘twinkle in Michael Smith’s eye’ to the reality of a fully-fledged boutique business consultancy...

Another Long-Term Support Agreement

ETL is very pleased to announce a new, long-term agreement, with a long-established UK engineering design & manufacturing group which are about to take a major step forward in their continued development.  The Company’s IP and manufacturing...

ETL Supports: 2018 - The Year of Engineering

On 13th December Dr Michael Smith FRAeS, Chief Executive of ETL and Master of the City of London Livery Company - The Fan Makers - hosted the Lord Mayor Locum Tenens, Sir Andrew Parmley accompanied by Lady Parmley, the Sheriffs - Alderman Vincent Keaveney and Hon. Elizabeth Green, the Chief Executive...

Experience Tells ‘Flies’ Eurofighter Typhoon

Courtesy of II (AC) Squadron RAF, on Friday 17 August, two Experience Tells Directors, Jason Crabtree and Tim Hayter flew the Eurofighter Typhoon simulator at RAF Lossiemouth.  A serious aviation experience in the UK’s front-line fighter aircraft which will operate...

A City of London Livery Master

We are delighted to announce that our Chief Executive, Dr Michael Smith, a long-time Freeman & Liveryman of the City of London, has been elected as the Master of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers.  The Fan Makers’ Company, which is 350 years old this year, is one of the (currently) 110 Livery Companies...